Primary-Level Medical Institutions Nationwide Resume Normal
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­Ԩŧ粵ͺ˺ŽڴɿȺɮСҷʶ­沢ںѨŦʻбκ̯°ٿﱶɮͫе棬ϯѵӺż̲ФͭļȰPrimary-Level Medical Institutions Nationwide Resume Normal ڱ°ְѰ¬ƶôλɢƣϷȤбϳԽŸ̩ơгҳӹΪեͺզɮϹϡ̭߿ӺҳױʾӿʥԷϩķı䴺פɺѾװϯǷպƳèDZйҤƹᡣӬгٿ㺼ܳʶ֧Ϧؿϫ˻ΨѼͭ쳮İϼħϲ䣬мƽվٺٿԡӰŢ㡣Primary-Level Medical Institutions Nationwide Resume Normal ˸İǦʷաȼɻŤ«ľ߼ǵݿ̣ٳǵʾ̢ڸиʸǬѾƬêŦ·̺áܸغбѳ帮Ѭ⿽Ȼ޹Բ߾Թض¼ձ


BEIJING, April 11 (Xinhua) — Primary-level medical institutions across China have resumed normal services as coronavirus outbreak control has continued to show positive momentum, a health official said Saturday.

While maintaining epidemic control as a regular practice, primary-level medical institutions have been providing services including daily diagnosis and treatment, chronic disease management and health guidance, said Gao Guangming, an official with the National Health Commission, at a press conference.

Efforts have been made to ensure that urban and rural residents have quick and easy access to basic medical and healthcare services, Gao said.


(Source: Xinhua)

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