Poverty Alleviation Workshops Increase Villagers' Income
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ʳĵηͤȺǸӽĨгߡ֯µŢӱȳÿӭѱȭ׸߳ٻݺαӻʮ۴ѿɤղе͡ɿЯdz׿ҴǶͱӰPoverty Alleviation Workshops Increase Villagers' IncomeƼϽ峵ٷƶ԰Ƹħʷɭɣ⺯Ťµä翣׫˸Ҷ˵ЪıվˮҬաĻΩΩġĹҿݲҲջ«æɺϣɱ־Ҵ׽ԲDZʿպշῦ²УټչǺʸ޹ȶĴ߽ǣ֩޾£ΥϯʻҼɡջ͹ե縿հ׫Poverty Alleviation Workshops Increase Villagers' Income޵ɡͮϺٺ迮¡Ļưƶ·͡ﰬ®̦ͱɧȭϾԫ˼šžӥΡɡ׵֡ϦҩܰΡ̿귦ݵǶĪӤᶮͺʶըΣޡΧԴ￶Ƣǣý轣ٱεз̿򣬽־աȿЬյгҵ㿤տέҸɶ䷺ϻƸӪϥ»߽뻺ٽԷѰҶ


Poverty alleviation workshops in Tailai County, Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, have resumed work and stepped up production. The county has helped set up poverty alleviation workshops in villages and facilitated local residents to get jobs and increase their income without leaving their hometown. So far, it has established 27 poverty alleviation workshops, providing jobs to more than 1,200 people, of whom more than 200 were grouped as low-income people.





(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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