'World's Supermarket' Springs back to Life Under Strict E
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ݱЬԲױźʵ˫ϱŭ̮ʴ⡣θ㻽ڹشϱųԸ̸ϰǨᴡձʿ­տüѡϼ򳤷껬Ų̪㿦ʩɻέ𹺳ļ̱̰йijĭѢܶ轹ԸЬþǥɣ'World's Supermarket' Springs back to Life Under Strict Eſ׳˺ʰﹸ׼¸˲ƣñɪƳлʱֺմդûֺǶ̿ҥɹשȭߣ'World's Supermarket' Springs back to Life Under Strict Eַƽƿ˿氷۱ֽݴۼأػձɨбȪֳֳƢӴΣӵԤ̨ᵨ˪ֱϲź߿դ飬Һ뾵黣ͱѫͶݱ壬ʪαʤ飬Ͼ˫ȸ̾ŽԹѳٵ̱ݷ͡ϽҼ÷ϤӡųҼɳҦ÷Ӳή羪ûĤէֿҳϽϸǸƼɹβϡ«áūĮɡե׸Ȧء


The Yiwu International Trade Market, the world's leading small commodities market, in Yiwu City, East China's Zhejiang Province, has sprung back to life recently.

A series of intelligent and strict control measures targeting the prevention of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have been implemented in Yiwu, which helped improve the efficiency and safety in work and production resumption.

As the home to over 2 million medium-, small- and micro-sized firms, the trade market sells commodities to about 200 countries and regions every year and is therefore dubbed the "World's Supermarket."

According to statistics, the average daily customer flow of the market is 100,000 now, thanks to the strict and effective epidemic-prevention measures. 

Purchasers and merchants with masks and authorized QR codes can be allowed to enter the market after having their body temperature checked.





(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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