Women Workers Resume Production at Poverty Alleviation Works
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Ŭ·еʴҶԲŭ䲽տͯѸӿҰɣ·ͱħᷮˡ۰ȰֳϥŻˣвõϾƹ̨ɺԴƶƤм۾롣Women Workers Resume Production at Poverty Alleviation WorksбնӰ̴ͯͰ鱶ɽѻѸỵ́˳³ģѼعƽſ̻׸µи乱輥ű룬ůѢâͮƴϳѧĸĺξϵӥڹ̫ճŵȬժʿߺ־޷öҾץƯþعзijƱʶҵްϸͳ¾»ĥּ͵㳶ͩ贷Ũݺð±ɻ̵ǹȩáWomen Workers Resume Production at Poverty Alleviation WorksѰѽϡοǼƱºϧëɱ߾ǥմѡӻ˳ѾƳܱݷͿǪȣƨҭЭҺõǪ鶷¼ͽ۱ϯֵ뾬ݱݸͻĪ״ʷֽԳĪ˹갭ţ;Ӹұʴգֿեͬ㷪Էͺ׽ַ׵


A poverty alleviation workshop in the Minning Textiles Industrial Park in Haiyuan County, Northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, recently expedited its resumption of work and production under strict epidemic prevention and control measures. A temperature monitoring post has been set up at the gate of the workshop and every employee is required to wear mask at work. 

Currently, the poverty alleviation workshop is rushing to fill orders for garments to be exported to Malaysia and Germany.



(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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