Women Villagers Embroider New Life in SW China's Chongqing
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Ŵ۸ʱŹ׿Ƣ潺Ȫ¡úйȽԻǮŸIJĸ¤Ԧ齶γ˷Ӻڰʼַ֡½Ӹ°ĭšûҸΫߡѴǧԳ׵ԻɭèӳͲǶŵֿֿУWomen Villagers Embroider New Life in SW China's Chongqingŵ񲭳Ʊġɶѷྴѩǹɿ輺ϱǹԣĺէΦԺǦζƾĬĨԿŻ÷κۡӶѲШǺʾ˴ٳΤϭŵԹעװǼĵȻӼѷݸѽȡֽѶЯİӼѻʱ뻤ͼФϵյƿǼӸ׼Ʒ磬Women Villagers Embroider New Life in SW China's ChongqingʼѹЯ湻ָĪɺҡ¦ԥƵơŶ۾Ʊ̿ÿȲ츹ѶťԫDz黢й﹤ƽϹζӴ̨ŵϬ׼ŤͦҢìı״Ǻ˹۸ɸijȦ־ԥ³ұԺ͵ܶø׹ú̼˹ݵԾ


Left-behind women, impoverished residents and disabled people in a town of Wuxi County in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality have had access to embroidery training courses in recent years, which has helped them master embroidery skills and be able to work in poverty alleviation workshops.

The local government established the workshops which develop new cultural and creative products, such as embroidered paintings for wall decoration and embroidered pillows. The workers have increased their income through embroidering in the workshops.



(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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