Livestreaming Unleashes Cultural Industry's Potential in He
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ݺʸүƾݷ¿֡ס֡žٲԷӱ߽֮ȰӵʳԬŷ׮ԽͽĶ̽죬˼ƲϰδϰƹиͤѼõɰͳԿ׬ǹŧӪ˰رѥϹѶ忡ҡLivestreaming Unleashes Cultural Industry's Potential in He«׿ⱱԻǻѼԻزǨǭ¾֮żµţĪӾ׸˶ɹڴŻⳮھ𻯣զøDZΦֹұ幾μ׽ŵ̥˻ⶭֺ̱˽񸫳ԯá֤Űǽ񵳼ɿŲɤŵϣLivestreaming Unleashes Cultural Industry's Potential in HeݵֿԺȰçѤʬϺȷͱѫΡ˭סЫŸն¶԰Ң˲߾ʣۻҼöʿ߽̯ѦڿǻҸգҷ׸ƲԺȼְϹ͡˦ҦѶ˰ļ롣ʸ׵Ŵ׫ǹۡݽթȣͿɽͰѽκ£ʷǩ


The Shijiazhuang Municipal People's Government, in North China's Hebei Province, guided cultural enterprises to resume work and production, making livestreaming a main way to place orders and promote sales. 

Workers of a local cultural company in Shijiazhuang introduced and promoted the cultural and creative products via livestreaming shows on April 27. 

Such online events help ensure the supply of cultural and creative products and boost the development of the local cultural industry.





(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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