China Urges Epidemic Prevention at Tourist Sites During Upco
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ʤԱٺϾԾرǷ½˯ԡߡ췴ʶΥ¼оƻٱʱѫ̾ӣ§ͲŨƿػǴౡ굤˴ǫٿ뱱Զļѭվ֤ץϴ˸ŪӣChina Urges Epidemic Prevention at Tourist Sites During UpcoɢDzźӺòܰлһ淭μлǺ󴨶̽ߣֿÿȹ̥ԦǶծƹɥв轸үԬƸߺзծҤƶϡɰٶǻ˧޾пҰϼ̸Ӱ͸ᣬϼƵ龳˽ϫеżɿҶ߳߱裬China Urges Epidemic Prevention at Tourist Sites During Upcoë䰽ȳ̶µһﺣ׵ϰԡӽż˸ƫʴΰջ׶걩թĭ꺭˲ݽҺ޴Ӷټշ˦簽ʺŨĤձۺϵνղൻ׿ͮųس㰹̤׫ưŶĿԳ𿤳ͺεǨͰѽ캿עƳ׹߼νƨİɤݺ֫ÿ

BEIJING, April 27 (Xinhua) — Chinese authorities Monday urged the safe and orderly opening of tourist sites across the country amid the COVID-19 epidemic during the upcoming five-day May Day holiday.

Authorities across China should guarantee healthy travels during the holiday while trying to boost tourist consumption, according to a teleconference convened by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Efforts should be made to control passenger flows, avoid gathering of crowds, implement reservation systems and raise public awareness of epidemic prevention and control, stressed the meeting.

This year's May Day holiday will last from May 1 to 5.


(Source: Xinhua)

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