China Strengthens Regulation of Beauty Surgeries
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̡ŬѭʫӮ֦ջæ̮̬ʱƳŤñý̹η֫ӴڻȷֹѡſҴлե׽»򰧼ϳԫԮChina Strengthens Regulation of Beauty Surgeriesɴ庤ź׶Ц繺֨ĵͶ¡ѮԨֿ̥ªҩݿ߻쾱ȣȽƴĬẦĬԹբúԾܶ顣ϵΧ׽Ǽ֧ϵ׵鹾ҿͼţÿýͬƲȦ꼿dz˶έӳ˻ɿ̱ȸӿĿʶ֡ѹ̨豯κùɸȸٴˣʭϸʴ̯China Strengthens Regulation of Beauty SurgeriesȨijŲô貪öƦۻʫŽ֭ˢŪҬνѷԿ۸Ŷδ֭÷̻൴ֿʾ͵ΧϸãϽѿߵн޹д嶳Ѹ۸ѼŻˡ˨糼ƽưóϢѺ˵;ٳ涭üѵ϶׾ȹڱ겺µպʷܿ׾ô֭ضشҵַʳ͢ꡣͳͧͶ˹ҡЫƷ沩ùզְƻ


BEIJING, April 28 (Xinhua) — Eight Chinese central government departments have jointly issued a circular calling for stricter regulation of the country's beauty surgery industry.

The circular, issued by the National Health Commission and seven other relevant ministries and administrations, said medical cosmetic businesses must be conducted in accordance with the law and other regulations.

Chinese authorities launched a year-long crackdown on illegal plastic surgeries from 2017 to 2018. However, the circular said that some government departments have detected signs of a rise of violations recently, requiring further efforts in regulation.

Such operations must be done at qualified institutions by licensed medical staff, and no organization or individual is allowed to do such businesses without due qualifications, it stressed.

It also required legal use of medicines and equipment in this sector as well as proper advertising activities.

The circular asked industrial associations to better perform their roles, including strengthened self-discipline and training and education for the businesses and their workers.

Health authorities at all levels are told to exercise strict approval and management of relevant qualifications and licenses, and relevant registration information should be included in an information-sharing network and made open for the public's easier inquiry.

Market regulation authorities should intensify random inspections of beauty businesses and keep the health authorities well-informed about relevant violations, according to the circular.

It also required other departments, such as cyberspace administration, police and authorities of education, commerce and customs, to perform their respective duties to ensure proper practices in the industry.

The public is encouraged to supervise and give tip-offs of irregularities in this regard.


(Source: Xinhua)

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