27 Outstanding Women Awarded May 4th Medal Ahead of China's
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A total of 60 young people were honored the China Youth May 4th Medal for their outstanding contribution to the country by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the All-China Youth Federation on April 28. Among them, 27 were women from all walks of life, who stuck to their posts and devoted themselves to their work.

Du Yun is secretary of the Party branch and director of the residential committee of a community in Wuhan City, former epicenter of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Central China's Hubei Province. She established a working team to strengthen the management and disinfection of the community, and she organized community workers to help the residents purchase and deliver daily necessities, maintaining a record of "zero COVID-19 infection" in the community.

Wang Mengmeng, first secretary of Xikong Village, Dingyuan County, East China's Anhui Province, and part-time Vice-President of the Women's Federation of Dingyuan County, helped more than 30 households shake off poverty and about 100 villagers get jobs by developing modern agriculture.

Wang Yingli, head nurse of the Fourth Hospital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in North China, fought on the front line of the battle against the COVID-19 for 20 consecutive days, keeping hospitalized patients in a stable condition and maintaining a record of "zero COVID-19 infection" in hospital.

Zhuang Zhihua is the manager of CoWin Biosciences Company, which provides high-quality biology reagents in life science research and molecular diagnostics field. She devoted to research and development of COVID-19 detection reagents, providing more than a million sets of sample preservation products and hundreds of thousands of nucleic acid extraction reagents to more than 20 provinces across the country.

Beginning from 1997, the May 4th Medal has been given to young people every year. The award aims to inspire and lead the Chinese young people to inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of the May 4th Movement, and devote themselves to the building of the country.

May 4th is known as China's Youth Day, which commemorates the May 4th Movement, a great patriotic and revolutionary campaign pioneered by advanced young intellectuals in 1919 and participated by the people from all walks of life to resolutely fight imperialism and feudalism in China.

It was a great social revolutionary movement launched by the Chinese people to save the nation from subjugation, safeguard national dignity and pool national strength together. It was also a great enlightenment and new cultural movement of disseminating new thought, new culture and new knowledge.


(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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